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Full pallet of Zoysia Sod from Norfleet Sod Farm

Zoysia Sod

$150 / Pallet


Zoysia sod was developed in the state of California and is known to be the fastest growing species of zoysiagrass. Its symbol is a Bull, which rightfully so, it has proven to be stubborn and resilient when it comes to pest, weeds, and drought. It is well adapted to the hot summers and the intermittent cold fronts in Florida. El toro zoysia is perceived to be one of the lowest maintenance zoysia strands along with its superior ability to withstand sudden droughts, shade, pest, weeds, and has a strong cold tolerance. The thatch build up from el toro is a very low rate, which in turn requires little to no need of dethatching. Proper mowing and irrigation is a very good way to maintain a vibrant green landscape, the recommended mowing rates are weekly to biweekly at a height of (2-3in), furthermore, a regulated watering schedule is highly recommended with rates of (1/4-1/2in.) daily or every other day. Fertilization, pest, and weed control can be a breeze as long as you keep a close eye on your sod and never allow it to become too infected to the point of no regeneration of reconstructed growth.


Zoysia Sod installation
Zoysia Sod installation
Zoysia Sod installation

Drought tolerant

El Toro is highly drought tolerant and unlike other grasses, it will begin to curl its blades earlier in the year to reserve and maintain more moisture for the dry season.

Pest tolerant

El Toro is naturally resistant to pest which requires less pest management in your lawn.


Weed tolerant

El Toro’s dense root system is the best in the market to help suppress any weeds or unwanted growth in the area.

Shade tolerant

Like many others, el toro does require sunlight, however it has proven to grow very well in medium shaded areas.